Exo In Dubai: Everything You Need To Know

“We are very much delighted that our song Power has been chosen as the first Korean song ever to be played at The Dubai Fountain show,” the band said in a statement. “Not only is Power an uplifting song with a catchy beat, but also the lyrics talk about how one can become stronger through music that unites everyone into one. And all these go well with The Dubai Fountain itself where all Dubai visitors from all over the world gather in one spot to enjoy the show. We are looking forward to seeing the splendid fountain show with its first ever rendition of Power.”

Twenty-one-year-old Mechanical Engineering Student, Sara Ahmad Ahmad, who is the admin of the country’s first and official UAE Twitter fanbase for Exo called @EXOinUAE, was part of a group who started a campaign to get the Exo song played at the Dubai Fountain.

“A few months ago [during Exo’s 5th Anniversary] the admins had an idea of playing one of Exo’s song in The Dubai Fountain and we started contacting several companies and people who are responsible of the music played at the fountain,” says Ahmad.

“We were shocked and happy at the same time because finally our dream that we have been working on for months is coming true,” she adds.

After the announcement, it was the topic of discussion among Exo-Ls around the world on social media and were also satisfied with the choice of song.

“They [Exo-Ls] were admiring the beauty of The Dubai Fountain and loving the idea of Exo’s Power being the first Korean song to be played there,” Ahmad adds. “In addition to the Korean fans who were going crazy and wishing to visit Dubai just to witness the event.”

Despite Exo’s generous donations and continuous charitable work and hard work and passion towards their fans and music, Hend Jumah Al Ali, a 25-year-old admin of the Twitter fan account, says the major reason why she likes the K-pop group is because of “their love for Exo-L”.

“I also love that even though Exo are now one of the most successful groups, they are still as kind and humble as they were before fame or even more,” Al Ali adds. “I totally respect these boys.”

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Exo will be attending the premiere of their song Power at The Dubai Fountain on January 16. The event is scheduled to start at 5.30pm.


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