“HappyKyungsooDay” Trends Worldwide To Celebrate Birthday Of EXO’s D.O.

Fans celebrated EXO member D.O.’s birthday with a No. 1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter!

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January 12 is D.O.’s 25th birthday (in Western reckoning), and fans wished him a happy birthday using his real name Kyungsoo as they trended “HappyKyungsooDay” worldwide in the top spot on Twitter.

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Check out some of the ways fans have shared their favourite D.O. moments and shown their love below!

what a wonderful day to appreciate the way Kyungsoo's entire face lights up everytime he smiles #HappyKyungsooDay pic.twitter.com/WelJC8Gf1V

— Kyungsoo fanclub™ (@smolkjd) January 11, 2018

Happy birthday to EXO’s treasure ? #Happykyungsooday pic.twitter.com/IsDPdnxjOJ

— Baekhyun's gifs (@baekhyunsgifs) January 11, 2018

7 billion smiles and his is my absolute favourite #HappyKyungsooDay pic.twitter.com/HqdEXqAT4r

— kyungsoo pics #HappyKyungsooDay (@soopics) January 11, 2018

25 years ago • 01/12/93 • Goyang South Korea ?#HappyKyungsooDay#경수야생일축하해 pic.twitter.com/VAfCxAN5vj

— yash (@imjonginswife) January 11, 2018

remember when exo members were doing aegyo but kyungsoo was just-#HappyKyungsooDay #경수야생일축하해 pic.twitter.com/T2XrMnO0aI

— SUHOCO수호꼬 (@godexoboys) January 11, 2018

you're such an incredible person, thank you for everything! stay healthy, we love you #happykyungsooday ❤? pic.twitter.com/Nk5AtEeAMU

— baekhyun pics (@byunarchive) January 11, 2018

Happy birthday, D.O.!

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“HappyKyungsooDay” Trends Worldwide To Celebrate Birthday Of EXO’s D.O.